Local Effects of Large New Apartment Buildings in Low-Income Areas (with Evan Mast and Davin Reed), Upjohn Institute Working Paper #19-316. Forthcoming at Review of Economics and Statistics

Assessing the Impact of Differential Privacy on Measures of Population and Racial Residential Segregation (with David Van Riper, Brad Hershbein, Tracy Kugler, Jose Pacas, Shane Reed, Steve Ruggles, Jonathan Schroeder, and Steve Yesiltepe). Conditionally accepted at Harvard Data Science Review

Social Capital and Labor Market Networks (with Judy Hellerstein, Mark Kutzbach, and David Neumark) Forthcoming at Journal of Regional Science.

U.S. Job Flows and the China Shock (with Sanjana Goswami, David Neumark, and Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez). Journal of International Economics, 118 May 2019, 123-137

Longer-Run Effects of Anti-Poverty Policies on Disadvantaged Neighborhoods (with David Neumark and Brittany Bass). Forthcoming in Contemporary Economic Policy. (Older NBER Working Paper found here.)

Housing Supply Dynamics under Rent Control: What Can Evictions Tell Us? AEA Papers and Proceedings, 109, 393-396.

Beggar Thy Neighbor, Beggar Thy Neighborhood, Papers in Regional Science, 97 June 2018, 439-459.

Working Papers and Manuscripts Under Consideration

Do Rent Increases Reduce the Housing Supply Under Rent Control? Evidence from Evictions in San Francisco, Upjohn Institute Working Paper #19-296, Winner of the Tiebout Prize in Regional Science for Best Graduate Student Paper.

Why Are Older Workers Moving Less While Working Longer?, Research Institute for Housing America Working Paper

Works in Progress

Minimum Wages and Local Business Establishments (with David Neumark)

What is the Cost of Being Exiled from the Land of Opportunity? Evidence on Mobility from California Rent Control

A Homeownership Dilemma? Mobility After Job Loss in an Aging Workforce.

The Regime that Abolishes Itself: Market Exit, Inequality, and the Fate of Rent Control Policies

The Power of the Pill for Women Working Longer (with Yulya Truskinovsky)