Instructor, UCI

Probability and Statistics I, UCI, Summer 2016

Evaluations: Median 7 (out of 9 possible points)

Teaching Statement

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching Assistant, UCI

Applied Econometrics (2014)

Basic Economics - Discussion Section Leader for Advanced Students (2013-2014)

Probability and Statistics II (2014)

Probability and Statistics I (2013)

Introduction to Economics (2011)

Mentorship, UCI

Mentorship of Undergraduates (2013-2015)

Mentored an undergraduate Economics student for 3 years. She went on to graduate with honors and is employed in her field.

Graduate Student Mentor (2012)

Participated in Graduate Student Mentorship. Mentored an economics graduate student for three quarters . Focused on direction of his research and academic courses.

University Volunteer Service

Applied Microeconomics Brown Bag Lunch for graduate students

Founder and Organizer of the departmental lunch where graduate students discuss and expand upon research questions and goals.

Won a $500 grant from the School of Social Sciences to finance the group.